Wooden Voices Vol. 2

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Wooden Voices Vol. 2
By Eric Schopmeyer and Adrienne Leverette
Book and CD
47 pages

Twelve original works for marimba ensemble. These original compositions for Zimbabwean-style marimba ensembles are intended to compliment and contrast the traditional African repertoire offering student groups experience with different moods, modes, meters and forms. Beginning to intermediate material for first or second year players. The last 2 songs are also effective with more advanced groups who can pull them off at fast tempos. Notes on each song are included.

All compositions are for diatonic marimbas. The ensemble used consists of a bass (CC-D), one baritone (GG-d), two extended-range tenors (C-g’) to accommodate 2 players each, 2 extended-range sopranos (G-c’) for two players each and one lead soprano (c-c’). Orff instruments will work for parts, too. Djembes or congas are used for every song. An audio CD of all pieces is included.