Sleep Song for my Daughter

My nine-year-old daughter asked me to make a sleep song specially for her that was different from the other ones I had made. I asked her what she wanted it to sound like and she said “I just don’t want it to sound like I’m in space.”

So this piece is more melodically and rhythmically tangible. A clarinet duet floats over arpeggiated chords in the vibe and marimba, trading off with etherial guitar passages.

My daughter loves contemporary pop music and we have had many debates about the ubiquitous I-V-VI-IV chord progression. I argue that it has ridiculously overused over the past 3 decades of pop music and i never want to hear it again. She claims that it must be the best chord progression if so many people use it all the time. So, as a gift to her, I composed one of the later sections of this piece using that chord progression which I swore I would never use.

Sleep well, my dear:)