Sleep Music Vol. 2

An intricate cathedral of piano drones and vibraphone haunted by chiming, spectral guitars.

Subtle, slowing swells of breath. Waves of sound. Tides of sound encroaching and receding. Clouds of sound. Skies of sound rich with colors, muddied hues, shifting layers of enveloping overtones.

There is nothing to hold onto in this piece–no consistent rhythm, no repeating harmonic progression (although the chords eventually settle into a semi-systematic pattern of movement)–only a long slow wash designed to drown out thought as well as environmental sounds.

Eric Schopmeyer: piano, vibraphone, guitar, meditation balls, casio. Samples from Morton Feldman’s Rothko Chapel.

Cover image by Jan Mankes (1889-1920)

released January 8, 2018