A Thing of Wonder

A Thing of Wonder, Excerpt from Rob Tyler • vcr100 on Vimeo.

83-year-old magician, inventor, and poet Jerry Andrus has an insatiable appetite for uncovering the mysteries of life on the boundary between reason and illusion. Wandering through his Albany, Oregon “Castle of Chaos” he demonstrates his incredible inventions (like the Tri-Zonal Space Warper) and waxes philosophic on the subjects of reason and perception. Reflecting not only his creative genius, but also his principled lifestyle and profound involvement with the problems of human existence, A Thing of Wonder plays tribute to a man devoted equally to the science and magic of wonder.

Funded in part by The Oregon Arts Commission

This score was done entirely with percussion instruments in my elementary school music classroom, using the creative toys of youth to highlight the childlike wonder of this elder genius.