The Beautiful and the Fine

The Beautiful + The Fine from Rob Tyler • vcr100 on Vimeo.

Exploring the tension between humans awe of nature and our compulsion to manipulate it, this work documents “bio-collectors,” a carnivorous plant fanatic, a couple that keeps hundreds of koi and goldfish, and a species tulip enthusiast.

Fusing stunning photography of the collected beings (including time-lapse sequences and underwater video), thought-provoking commentary, and an atmospheric original score, THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE FINE invites the viewer to at once experience the incredible beauty of these creatures and contemplate the circumstances of their captivity.

Funded in part by The Regional Arts and Culture Council. Produced by Archipelago, 2003.

This score is based on a single simple recurring theme that weaves through the entire film, transformed through myriad variations and re-orchestrations. I tried to create a unique sonic character for each of the three discrete sections of the film. One way this was accomplished was by using different solo woodwinds (flute, bassoon and clarinet) in each section.

In this clip, the theme is heard on the metallophone, set against a backdrop of various pitched and un-pitched percussion.