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Silhouette Arches EP

Released November 24, 2022. Drums on track 3 by Joe Janiga Cover Photo by Yuma Hori  

Dubliminal: Mobius Dream

A dream that starts where it ends. A dream with a twist. A dream that dreams you back. A dream that only makes sense when you’re in it. Each side of this album is meant to be a continuous listening experience. However, a few songs have been extracted… Read More

The Suffolk Miracle

New 6-song EP available here: Francis James Child was an American scholar who, in the late 1800s, collected and catalogued the texts of 305 traditional songs, publishing them in five volumes of “English and Scottish Popular Ballads”. Songs found in this collection are now referred to as… Read More


New 10-Song Album Released February 2020 available on limited edition vinyl or digitally here: and on spotify   Eric Schopmeyer, (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Mark Schopmeyer (banjo), Kurt Weist (guitar, vocals), Adrienne Leverette (ukelele, vocals), Matthew Marchyok (fiddle, drums, vocals), Tony Jamesbarry (bass, vocals).  

DJ Powerless

DJ Powerless Spinning a large collection of 78’s and cylinders on a variety of different wind-up phonographs. Specializing in prohibition-era music (1920-1933) but pulling from recordings that range from the 00s into the late 30s. Mining forgotten gems of hot jazz, hillbilly, popular songs, dixieland, dance band &… Read More

Sleep Music Vol. 5

Night winds of clarinet, bassoon and trombone drift through rich tonal clouds of guitars. This track features Lars Campbell on Trombone and Rebekah Phillips on Bassoon. Cover image by Jan Mankes (1889-1920)  

Sleep Music Vol. 4

Bowed vibraphone and marimba swells in a shimmering sea of gong overtones. When I was a teenager I spent a lot of time at the piano. With no formal training and limited technique, all I could do was create my own simple compositions. More often though, I would embark on long,… Read More

Sleep Music Vol. 3

Samples of 20th century orchestral works paint a dark landscape beneath a pulsating omnichord sky. My motivation for these pieces is described in the notes of volume 1. I like to sleep to music but so little music likes me to sleep to it. Here’s hoping you never hear the end… Read More